The Pathway Home

The Pathway Home provides educational, professional, and clinical support to veterans while they transition back into the world following a military deployment. Whether they are looking for a job or going back to school, the organization helps by providing counseling, therapy, housing, meals, and other services.

I have been helping to support The Pathway Home since 2011, but my investment in veterans’ health goes back further than that. My stepfather, Daniel Cunningham, served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot. He was shot twice, and received the Distinguished Flying Cross and Bronze Star for his heroism.

He never liked to talk about his service, but I remember one instance when I was a young teenager when my brother and I asked him about it. “Come up with five questions each,” he said. “And I’ll answer honestly if I can.” That was the last time he spoke about Vietnam with us.

I knew it had affected him in a significant way, but veterans didn’t have much in the way of support back then. More recently, when I heard about veterans returning home from conflicts and suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, it reminded me of my stepdad. I knew I wanted to get involved.

That’s when I discovered The Pathway Home, a program founded right here in Napa Valley that was helping vets find their way back into their lives at home. Since then, I have given $100 of my commission from every transaction to The Pathway Home, making a lump donation each year on Memorial Day, near the anniversary of my stepfather’s passing.

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